Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Starting at the end!!!

A lot of great genealogical information can be gathered from the end of life!!!

Apart from dragging the kids around cemeteries (and even the Adelaide Gaol) in the school holidays, there are many searchable databases for cemeteries and, if you are lucky, a photo of a headstone or two.

My favourite two cemeteries are Centennial Park and West Terrace Cemeteries.

The West Terrace Cemetery search also allows for Cheltenham, Smithfield and Enfield

When you find a person, check out the site information at the bottom of the page, as that will also list who shares that site (plot).

This also lets you see who else is in the plot, click on the "more info" section on the right hand side, then look at the bottom of the record for others interred at this site.

With any record search, I always start the search quite broadly, generally with the surname (unless it is a very common name)

One of my all time favourite South Aussie websites is Family History SA

I have spent many an hour searching all my names in the various search facilities there.  Early shipping info can be found (together with vital maiden names) together with early SA Birth, Death and Marriage info.

The SAGHS has a death and burial index too.

The SAGHS has a 2 night introductory course to their library which is worthwhile, especially if you join up (bear in mind their year runs with the financial year July-June)  You can use the library for a day, but after a few visits you may as well have joined up for the year.  I have found a lot of info from scouring their databases - including books/pamphlets etc. which you can then look up at the State Library of South Australia.....  The SLSA have a huge Family History section (as does the Tea Tree Gully Library)  The SLSA has the BDM registration books produced by the SAGHS.  Also check out the Sands and Mac's directories.

Thats enough for my first post.....but take my advice - keep meticulous records (I havent)  Start an exercise book (a fat one) and carry it with you when you are likely to be researching.....some way of cross referencing things you have found would also help later.  Oh - and pencils with rubbers at the end!!!